Posted by: visitinsurance | September 29, 2009

VISIT® Offers GROUP Travel & Medical Insurance Plans

As the rush of the Fall 2009 University registration period now draws to an end, we at VISIT® Travel & Medical Insurance would like to remind everyone that we specialize in providing GROUP Medical Insurance Plans customized to the special needs of your Group. Try VISIT® for better group coverage at a better price!

VISIT® represents all major international insurance companies, and designs comprehensive yet affordable Group Insurance Plans for any Group, including:

Groups Traveling INBOUND & OUTBOUND to/from the USA and Canada

• Study Abroad programs
• High School travel abroad
• Visiting Faculty
• Teacher Exchange
• Edu-travel
• Historic/Religious Tourism
• Hostelling
• Cultural Exchange
• Work/Travel/Practical Training
• Corporate Travel
• Humanitarian Trips
• US & Canadian Citizens traveling abroad

Worldwide International Travel Groups

• Worldwide Travel
• Corporate Travel
• Short Term Travel (less than 1 yr)
• Long Term Travel (more than 1 yr)
• Foreign Nationals
• US Citizens living abroad
• Travel outside your home country
• Maternity coverage available
• Major medical programs available

Domestic USA Travel (Inter/Intrastate)

• High School travel programs
• Experiential education
• School field trips
• Any travel more than 120 miles from permanent residence
• Trip Cancellation coverage
(Special note to Travel Agents & Tour Operators; special group plans/rates available that include Trip Cancellation/Loss of Revenue coverage.)

We can customize one or several alternative plans for your Group’s needs, while suggesting money-saving options that can provide the coverage you need while watching out for your bottom line. All international plans are US Department of State DS-2019 compliant, and can easily provide additional optional coverage.

To Obtain A Competitive Group Quote, please provide the following information:

  • Number of Participants
  • Duration of Travel in days (include first and last day)
  • Date of Birth of each participant (or age range of participants)
  • Coverage desired (DS2019 minimum requirements, or higher if preferred
  • Detailed Loss Runs for the past 3 years (if available)
  • Multiple groups per year may qualify for even lower rates; please ensure that you inform us completely of your annual group requirements.

Call us for a new Group/quote, or simply send us a copy of your current group insurance plan for a no-obligation evaluation and quotation.

Use VISIT® Travel & Medical for your next Group. You’ll be glad that you did!

The VISIT® Travel & Medical Insurance Program
The Trusted Name in International Travel & Medical Insurance for over 30 Years®

Washington, DC USA (USA Eastern Time Zone)
1-800-247-5575 Toll-Free USA and Canada
1-703-660-9062 Worldwide
1-703-991-9164 Facsimile

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